I May Have Crumbs, but…..

I May Have Crumbs, but…..

As I look out over the floor I realize there are crumbs and other types of things that just “shouldn’t be there.”  Then comes the ultimate question to yourself “should I offer to sweep their floor?”  Why don’t they clean their floors better?  It’s easy for us to take our vision for granted and miss something more important along the way.

I have had the pleasure of working with some of the smartest, most compassionate members of society in Nebraska and Iowa.  One of those smart and compassionate people started Vision Support Group.  This is not like any other group.  This group’s members consist of people who’ve had a traumatic event in their life adversely affecting their vision.  This brings us to crumbs on the floor.

As I spend time with visually impaired people (I didn’t know they were visually impaired because there are no noticeable injuries, injuries with residual effects) I realize they don’t see what I see.  In fact they may be missing vision from certain parts of their field of vision.  When I realized the crumbs on the floor are there because visually impaired people don’t see them, I realized I need to stop judging and learn as much as I can about their visual impairment so I can assist them.

If you see me sitting with someone in a restaurant and hear me reading the menu to them, it’s probably because they are visually impaired and cannot read the menu themselves.  Crumbs on the floor aren’t so bad anymore.