Microsoft + LinkedIn: Beginning our Journey Together

Microsoft and LinkedIn Team Up

Below is the start of an article I found about the Microsoft/LinkedIn purchase. This could prove to be interesting.


Today is an exciting day, one I’ve been looking forward to since June. It marks the close of the agreement for Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn and the beginning of our journey to bring together the world’s leading professional cloud and the world’s leading professional network.

As our two companies’ leadership teams have spent time together these last few months, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of and appreciation for LinkedIn’s relentless focus on its members.

Today I am even more enthusiastic about the common mission and sense of purpose we share, the similarities in our cultures, and the added value we can create for LinkedIn members, to help professionals transform how they work, realize new career opportunities and connect in new ways.

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The Supermen in Our Lives

Every once in a while we run into someone who we feel is a superman.  It is that one person who looks and feels like he is:

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The infant of Krypton is now the Man of Steel: Superman!

One such person is behind the blinds in this REAP (Rural Enterprise Assistance Project) office, Mr. Juan Sandoval.

Juan Sandoval in the Schuyler REAP office

Juan is the REAP Latino Business Center Director.  He received the 2016 Outstanding Service Award from the Nebraska Entrepreneurship Task Force.

I have personally worked with Juan and he rightfully won this award.  Juan always puts his clients first and is constantly and consistently doing for others.  I’ve watched as the people who he’s helped come to my presentations.  They are always happy to see him and grateful to be working with him.  The official write up is below.