Whew!! We Made It

I can’t believe the last few days. I made a huge mistake and it took down mikebitter.com.  You only make mistakes like that once in your life.  When I called GoDaddy for help they kindly stated the action I took could not be reversed until my request had been fulfilled.  They explained it like mailing a letter then wanting to change the letter’s content.  Too bad, it’s already been mailed.

The discouragement came when I found out I chose to make the url’s name servers as GoDaddy servers and not retain its current name servers.  This is about where you pick your web guy up off the floor from laughing.  This is a huge and monumental mistake, but we’re back.

After the pain of  waiting was over I quickly changed the name servers back to where they belonged and wallah, we’re back in business.  We apologize for the downtime and hope you keep coming back to www.mikebitter.com.