Explode Your Business with Blogging and Facebook Advertising

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One Morning

2 Great Presentations

    Get Started Blogging

    2-Step Approach to Facebook Advertising

You’ve heard people talk about Blogging and Facebook advertising, but what exactly is it and how do I get started?  If you’ve asked yourself these questions then this presentation is for you.  Mike Bitter of ASM University and Mr. Tom Luke of Luke Direct Marketing will show you how to get started blogging with WordPress and easy ways to explode your business with Facebook Advertising.

These two presentations will show you ways we use to get in front of more people than you’ve ever imagined.  Not only will Mike Bitter be presenting some of his secrets on bringing more internet traffic to your doorstep using WordPress, but he’s bringing in Mr. Tom Luke to show you his 2-Step Approach for Successful Advertising on Facebook.  Tom’s approach is simple and unlike any other. It works and he’s willing to share it with you.

Mike will lead off the morning with simple ways to Get Started Blogging.  This presentation is for the new as well as seasoned bloggers.  Mike reveal some simple steps to increase traffic to your business and social media sites with WordPress.  He has insider secrets that are rarely shared with others so this will be a treat. 

You will learn:

  • The value of blogging
  • 3 ways to become an outstanding Blogger
  • How to retrieve content to bring attention to your business and product
  • What it means to turn content into prospects, and prospects into sales

Seating is Limited to the First 20 registrants

Tom will teach you his 2-Step Approach for Successful Advertising on Facebook.  Tom has developed a remarkable way to market your business using Facebook Advertising.  He uses this approach with his clients and he’s willing to share what he knows, but only during this seminar.  He has a great way of presenting in an informative, easy to understand format so you can start using it right away. 

Tom’s 2-Step Approach for Successful Advertising on Facebook allows you to:

  • Quickly generate qualified leads & convert them into customers
  • Grow your email lists or money list
  • Get more prospects so you can turn them into customers

You will learn:

  • Why businesses should use Facebook Advertising first
  • What you should post on your news feed to engage and develop relationships
  • Why you should start with a ”Likes” campaign and then move onto a Lead Ads or Unpublished Page Post Ad on Facebook to generate emails
  • The amazing tools you can use to automate this process

These presentations are too good to miss.  You will walk away with great information to explode your business using Blogging and Facebook Advertising. You will know numerous ways to grow your business that will make you successful.

You will not need a pc for this presentation, but come ready to learn from the best of the Midwest.

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